Spaces are extremely limited for the best summer of your life and positions are filling up really fast! Read bellow, reasons why you should go to
Greece with Job4summer team.

1.  Last Summer was B-O-R-I-N-G.  The highlight was definitely going on holidays, so it makes perfect sense to extend the stay for as long as possible, and live and work abroad this year.

Home is home.  We’ll admit, it’s quite good in the winter.  Your mum brings you cups of tea if she’s in a good mood with you, and cosy nights in are okay-ish.  By the time the lighter nights begin arriving, we’re sooo over cosy pyjamas.  Give me a bikini and some factor 15 any day.

2.  You’ve got so many options.  Choose between Corfu, Rhodes and Crete and fully enjoy the summer atmosphere of one of these islands! A minimum of 2 and half months is required to fully experience these amazing resorts – 5 nights with the boys is certainly not going to cut it.

3.  You’re ready to try new things.  An exciting new job that you’ve never worked at before with a completely new group of people.  Serving drinks at a poolside bar beats the same job at home by miles – finishing your shift and strolling down to the beach is by far the best way to spend your Summer.

4.  You want to party – lots.  There’s always a different bar crawl, beach party or poolside event that you’ll be dying to attend – sometimes all in one day.  You better bring plenty of outfit options!

5.  You want to make money.  For some reason working the same job abroad, as opposed to at home, with the sun shining on your shoulders actually pays better – it’s a win win.

Job4motion gives everyone great opportunity to work and live in Greece during summer season. I’ve worked in Rhodes for 3 summer seasons and I can say it is a great life and work experience, your chance to explore beautiful places and meet great people and maybe friends of lifetime. I would highly recommend Job4summer, as a caring and helpful agency. Trust me there’s no chance you will ever forget your summer in Greece 🙂 

Merdi J. & new friends 🙂
Job4summer client