Making the decision to work, live and have fun in Greece takes balls, especially if you have never done anything like this before. However, you can be pretty sure, that we will do our best to help you fly away and this decision will pay off in a big way!
Hundreds of people over 12 years took the plunge and it’s no coincidence that the agency is still growing as people are coming back and new clients are contacting us.

Job4summer team
Starting with this year, Job4summer have established a partner office in Czech Republic that is focused on communication & engagement with clients entirely in Czech language.

We have relationships with the best 4 and 5* hotels on Greek islands (Corfu, Rhodes and Crete) such as Olympic Palace, Capsis out of the Blue and more – when you choose to work abroad with Job4motion you’re basically getting yourself a position in world-class hotels, amazing experience and so many new contacts on people you will meet.  Like they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know…

Okay, fair enough, we know people, but what really makes Job4summer the best agency to cooperate with?

There are plenty of reasons.  We’re the most reputable (go on, check our reviews on Facebook – over 80 happy clients @Job4summer)  We’re the biggest and been around for more than 12 years. 

We are committed to ensuring that our guests have an amazing experience, and we leave no detail to chance.  From before you even apply to work abroad with us we’re here to provide as much information as we can so that you can make an informed decision – complete support 24/7.  Offering expert advice before, during and after, you can forget about the small details and concentrate on the important things – making new friends and having an amazing time. All of our team members have spent at least one of the summer seasons working in the hotels, so we understand your needs. Also, we are the cheapest, only 80€ in total for our services and you only pay 30€ in advance as a deposit!

The most reputable, most experienced and also the cheapest! What more can you want?

Anytime you have questions, concerns, issues, you basically call us, or message and one of our colleges will come to the hotel to try and sort everything out. The relationship is based on trust and we appreciate every client as if it was our first one!

Aneta’s review

I spent last summer in Rhodes with Job4motion, working in the hotel as waitress for 3 months, still I have to say it wasn’t enough. Rhodes is an amazing island and everything there was just great, it was a life experience for me. I really recommend this to anyone, who wants to spend summer abroad 🙂

Job4summer client